A topic that has unfortunately been forgotten about in recent years is Domain Privacy. In the early years of the Internet people were concerned about having their private details online for anyone to see. However with the advent of social networks such as Facebook and Google+ most people have lost their sense of privacy and are happy to share




At a most basic level, leaving your domain information public exposes you to spam and perhaps criticism for your published views. While this probably won't worry most people it's the more complex issues that should be of concern. These issues include :

  • Political opinion under a changing government
  • Shifts in cultural opinions
  • Fraudsters looking for personal information


Political opinion under a changing government - Consider a personal blog which expresses an opinion in favor or against the current government. Imagine this same blog in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan or currently in Syria. All of a sudden there can be some VERY SERIOUS repercussion for publishing opinion online with personal information available for all to see. If domain details are public it's very easy to track down the publisher.

Shifts in cultural opinions - Here consider a store selling items which upon a shift in culture are considered inappropriate or taboo. Again, the individual not using Domain Privacy Services could be subject to ridicule, fines or worse.

Fraudsters looking for personal information - fraud occurs when personal data is obtained with malicious intent. The "old way" of doing this was to trawl through rubbish. With the advent of social networks it's easy to get a persons name, birthdate, age, a photo, and many more details. Leaving a domain without domain privacy just gives away even more information making you a more likely target for this kind of abuse.

offers a unique Domain Privacy service focused solely only on protecting your data. While registrars offer this service as a gimmick or an add-on to their domain sales, we are focused entirely on protecting your privacy and won't give up details at a basic request.