Domain proxy
When originally designed, the Internet worked as a series of interconnected IP addresses. To get to a website you had to know what IP address to type in or you would not be able to navigate to that site. As the Internet grew people soon realized that a bunch of unknown numbers were not a good idea. From there domains were born - readable by people they made navigating the Internet a lot easier.

Unfortunately with the ease of use, along came disclosure of data for ownership and a much easier way of identifying who owned a certain website. While this initially this proved useful in terms of an ability to share ideas and contact owners; it soon created a way for marketers to pick-up email address for spam and fraudsters to gain information on their next victims. It was here that the idea of a domain proxy was born.

The original concept for a domain proxy came from business and legal structures. Essentially in the business world you can nominate a proxy for you. This means that someone else acts on your behalf and represents your interests. In a business transaction the proxy can do the entire deal without the other person knowing exactly who the actual owners or shareholders are. It is here that domain proxy borrows the concept.

Domain - Noun :
1.) A territory over which rule or control is exercised.
2.) In Computer Science A group of networked computers that share a common communications address.

Proxy - Noun :
1.) The authority to represent someone else, esp. in voting.
2.) A person authorized to act on behalf of another.

From there the concept was easy, and many registrars launched proxy services for their clients. The problem in this system is that registrars are by law required to report all data back to the central domain authorities. This by definition causes a conflict of interest for them as they need to play both sides of the domain proxy game.

That's where our domain proxy service is different! With our service, people can still get in touch with you but your direct contact details are never shown. We are not a registrar and as such we are not bound by central authority rules. We are only bound by our offer to our customers to keep their data private. Plus, we offer great deals and don't need our clients to change everything to use our service.