whois privacy When you register a Domain name it requires the collection of personal contact information including :

> Name
> Physical Address
> email
> phone number
> technical contacts
> and administrative contacts

The original thinking around this was so that people could

1.) easily get in touch with eachother; and
2.) easily resole any disputes that may have occurred

This data is still readily available via what is known as a WHOIS search.

As the internet progressed this data begain being misused. The data is poorly protected, with registrars introducing weak measures to stop farming of data. As a way of hiding this data WHOIS Privacy services were launched. Essentially a way of hiding this information to protect privacy while abiding by the required regulations.

The service is mostly used as a way to fight spam and avoid unsolicited communications. Many spammers scan the WHOIS database and use it to feed their mailing lists. Protecting WHOIS information keeps personal information off these lists, so that registering a domain doesn't become an open invitation to receive spam.

offers a unique WHOIS Privacy service in that it is focused only on providing this service. While registrars offer the service as a gimmick or an add-on to their domain sales, we are focused purely on protecting your domain privacy.