How does it work?

  1. Register
  2. Pay with credit card, paypal or bitcoins
  3. For each domain registered we provide you with a unique email address and details for the registrar
  4. Update your current details in your registrar with the ones we have provided you
  5. We forward emails to your unique address based on domain
  6. You retain full control of your domain
  7. We protect your direct contact details and treat your data as if it were our own

What makes us different?

Registrar Independent

We are 100% registrar independent. Our service is solely focused on domain privacy - NOT on selling domains. Register your domain with who you like, find the best deal and we'll still be here. It's usually quite a headache to move a domain proxy from one registrar to another. We offer you an easy solution move to who you like and still use our service.

Privacy = Love

Unlike other companies we will look after your data as if it was our own! We require minimal details to sign up to our service, plus we understand that privacy is your own and you don't want that data shared with others. We will not share your data. On top of this our system keeps minimal records and even your password is stored as a HASH that even we can't access.

Custom forwarding address

We give you a custom address per domain protected by our service and forward it to your registered email. Our Unlimited account lets you decide what email address you'd like all emails forwarded to based on a domain by domain basis. Our Unlimited account also provides you with one generic email address that you can use for all of your domains.

We kill spam

We stop spam dead in its tracks. When your address is displayed on a whois database, it is open to farming and therfore spammers often trawl these addesses. We offer a world class spam filter that you can enable or disable on demand.

Our 30 day guarantee

Try our service for 30 days with a 100% money back guarantee! If you don't like it for any reason let us know within the first 30 days and we'll send you a full refund.

Customers come 1st

We have a personal approach to all customer enquiries and will deal with you with on an individual basis to suite your needs.

Easy to use

Our easy to use interface will allow you to manage the domains that you use with our system easily and automatically.

Fair Pricing

Most domain privacy services want to charge you a fee per domain. Once you have a few domains this becomes an expensive exercise. We offer our services at a reasonable price that makes private domain registration an option for everyone.